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Why Choose KIWI Electronics?

Kiwi Made

All our products are designed, manufactured, and technically supported in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

Technical Support

Need a hand? We’re available to help you with any questions you may have about our products and installation.

Easy Installation

Kiwi Electronics’ products are designed to make installation a breeze, and come with adapters supplied.

High Quality

We regularly improve our products to stay on top of the latest industry innovations. Our dimmers now dim lower, glow brighter, and are more reliable than ever before!

Same Day Dispatch

Make an order with any of our distributors before 4:45pm and it’ll be dispatched on the same day

Lifetime Warranty

ALL KIWI Products have a lifetime return to base warranty against ANY and ALL manufacturing faults.

The Leaders in NZ Dimmers and Controllers Since 1994

New Zealand needed solutions to control Wire Wound Transformers on halogen lighting, and with that KIWI Electronics was born. This was quickly followed by the need to control fan speeds and KIWI was on its path that is now approaching 30 years.

With a new product, electronic transformers, KIWI once again stepped up with solutions to dimming them when no one knew what a trailing edge dimmer was. With vast testing over several years, our technology had become so good that KIWI could dim any electronic transformer of ANY brand.

Now, we have moved into LEDs. With the first Universal Dimmer, the only aftermarket product range that, fits all the wall plates, dims either Leading or Trailing edge and is fully NZ manufactured.

KIWI Electronics continues to develop the solutions.