Multiway Lighting Controller

Product Description

KIWI’s MultiWay Lighting Controller brings you all the benefits of our Multiway Universal Dimmer, but for heavy jobs.

With only one KIWI MultiWay unit you can soft start or stop, dim up or down from as many locations within the same room, as you like.

FITS ALL PLATES, KIWI MultiWay is the master for press mech and push-button dimming and comes with an optional rotary knob. The MultiWay accepts a signal from any brand momentary switch to enable multiple dimming points in any size room from standard wiring.

Available in both KIWI UNIVERSAL Dimmer and KIWI Lighting Controller configurations which have been designed for their specific applications.

  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Adjusts for Power Factor
  • Reduces Start Current
  • FULLY Inductive Rated


Our LW Series Multi Dimming Point Lighting Controllers are available in the following models:

  • K005LW, 500va
  • K007LW, 750va
  • K010LW, 1000va
  • K030LW, 3000va

This range is also available in standard configuration.


  • Wire Wound Controllers
  • Incandescent Lamps
  • 250V Down/Up Lights.
  • 250V Halogen Lighting.
  • Heater Elements.
  • General Purpose Applications


MultiWay Dimming

2, 3, 4, 5… WAY Dimming! With one unit you can Soft Start or Stop, Turn Off or On, Dim up and down from as many locations as you like.

Easy Installation

No rewiring required; simply replace the existing two way switches with this KIWI and a press mech. Clicks straight into PDL, HPM and Clipsal flush plates with supplied adaptors.

Flush Box Mountable

Up to 3000va controlled from the Flush Plate. Models ranging from 500va to 3000va.

Extended Lamp Life

Pre-Heat and Soft Start reduces the start current and eliminates thermal shock.


Brighter lights, greater output and increased efficiency achieved by active power factor sensing. 240 volts in and up to 237volts out, 99% efficient.

Personalised Control

All Controllers have minimum and maximum trimmers; you can set the output range for the user.

Toughest loads

Rated for ALL Inductive and Resistive circuits.

Thermal Safety PLUS

Temperature compensation built in and backed by a Thermal Fuse for guaranteed safety.