LED Universal Dimmer

Product Description

KIWI Universal Dimmers are a unique product that comes to you set in trailing edge by default. But, with just a simple turn of a trimmer, it can easily be changed to leading-edge.

Minimum and maximum trimmers functions are also available, so you can have your lighting set at the perfect brightness, wherever it is needed. Achieve brighter lights, greater heater output, and increased efficiency without annoying flickering, or dropping off.

Not only does our LED Universal dimmer have the settings for you, but we also make sure they are safe, reliable and perform to the highest standards.

  • TESTED with all major LED brands
  • Both a Trailing and Leading Edge Dimmer
  • Adjustable Minimum and Maximum limits
  • Dims LEDs down to ZERO


Our U Series Universal Dimmers are available in the following models:

  • K005U, 500va
  • K007U, 750va
  • K010U, 1000va


  • Mains LED
  • LED Drivers
  • Electronic Transformers (TE)
  • Compact Fluorescents

For compatibility with transformers view theĀ Transformer Guide


Works with ALL LEDs!

Made to dim all LEDs 500va, 750va and1000va.

Dims to ZERO

Dims all LEDs to ZERO.

Fits ALL Plates

Clicks straight into PDL, HPM and Clipsal flush plates, with adaptors supplied.

Low current device

Keeps working on low power loads, down to 5watts or less (as needed with LEDs and compact fluorescents).


Brighter lights, greater heater output and increased efficiency achieved by active power factor sensing. 24 0volts in and up to 237volts out, 99% efficient.

Extended Lamp Life

Pre-Heat and Soft Start reduces the start current and eliminates thermal shock.

Personalised Control

All Dimmers have minimum and maximum trimmers; you can set the output range for the user.

Thermal Safety PLUS

Temperature compensation built in and backed by a Thermal Fuse for guaranteed safety.