Fan Motor Controller

Product Description

No matter what motor you have, a Fan Motor Controller is critical to ensuring your motor’s requirements are met and its life expectancy is protected.

With a soft starter that gradually increases the voltage to full during startup, you can rest assured knowing that, even if your fan is initially spinning in the wrong direction, it will start safely spinning in the correct direction.

Capacitors, centrifugal mechanisms and the motor windings are all looked after with the KIWI Electronics Fan Motor Controller.

By setting the minimum speed of the motor to approximately 50%, the KIWI Electronics Fan Motor Controller ensures that your motor is protected from damage and gets the adequate cooling that it’s designed for.

  • Works on ALL motor types
  • Set the minimum speed for cooling
  • Reduce the maximum speed for noise reduction


Our M Series Motor Controllers are available in the following models:

  • K004M, 350va, 1.4a
  • K005M, 500va, 2a
  • K010M, 1000va, 4a
  • K020M, 2000va, 8a
  • K030M, 3000va, 12a

For motors below 150va use model K004M or K005M.


  • ALL Fan Motors
  • ALL Centrifugal Pump Motors
  • ALL Variable Torque Loads


Large or Small Loads

10 to 3000 watts can be controlled from the Flush Plate. Full range covers 350va – 3000va!

Toughest loads

FULL AC3 Motor Rating for reliable control.

Safe Speed Control

No more burnt out motors! Soft Starts to Full Speed ensuring the fan is rotating in the correct direction and the motor is operating correctly (e.g. motors, switches and capacitors operate as designed).

Fits ALL Plates

Just clicks straight into PDL, HPM and Clipsal flush plates with adaptors supplied.

Protects your Motor

Semiconductors rated for inductive loads. Circuitry designed to eliminate the possibility of false triggers. Microprocessor sees any imbalance in the wave, corrects, or shuts down.

Accurate Air Flow Fan

Speed can be set to the desired Min and Max air flow, and 0-100% adjustability for fan noise. Air flow can be individually set by the installer with a range of fan speeds.

Fully Modular

Fit up to THREE in a flush box.

Thermal Safety PLUS

Temperature compensation built in and backed by a Thermal Fuse for guaranteed safety.

EMC Compliant

Will not interfere with any other device.